The pollutants that water carries away from our cities is destined to flow through us.

In this sculpture there is a large steel ring with DaVinci's Vitruvian Man cut out from aluminum sheet metal in the middle.  There are 4 bicycles suspended inside four 2-meter diameter rings on each corner.  The four bicycles power two waterpumps and two strands of LED lights.  

Clear vinyl tubing filled with water and microplastic twists around the Vitruvian Man's ams, legs and pours through his mouth.  When 4 people pedal the four bicycles, the pumps move water and microplastic through the sculpture, while the red and blue lights illuminate.

It's called "Anthropocene" because microplastic is the material that best defines our mark on the planet, worthy of a new name for this time period.  Plastics are ubiquitous in all environments: land, sea and air. If flows through our lives, our food and water, and our bodies.  As this microplastic settles to ground, it joins the sedimentary layers recording the geologic history of our planet. The fossil record will mark our existence not with our bones, but a layer of trash.